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Why book a walking Tours with North Cyprus Walk!


North Cyprus Walks offers more than just a way of getting exercise in panoramic scenery & getting close to wildlife. All you need is a pair of boots & pick the right season, So go on – put your boot on & let's start hiking!


North Cyprus Walks specialise in guided cultural walking/hiking tours with wildlife and Crusader castles as well as North Cyprus history. Walking along the forest and moutain tracks, North Cyprus Walks will offer you the smell of different herbs and countless wild flowers - especially in the spring -  an panoramic views down the coast with some ruined Crusader castles & atmospheric monasteries to explore.

Why Book a walk with North Cyprus Walk


We want you to experience what our incredible island has to offer. North Cyprus Walks can be hiked independently or with Ultimate Hikes. Not everyone is equipped to organise the logistics of a full walk, carry their own gear and be prepared for every eventuality in these remote areas. With North Cyprus Walks, you can still have the hiking adventure - we just take care of the rest.



Our Guides

While your safety is paramount, our guides are also there to provide comfort and knowledge. They are with you all the way.

  • Safety

    Hiking through some of the most remote landscapes in NCyprus, rest assured that your safety and wellbeing is our first priority.

  • Logistics

    We will organise all of your transport, accommodation and drinks. 


North Cyprus Walks




Only pay

Daily or Weekly

£ 30   or  £80

€ 40  or  €110

$ 60  or  $160

Walking Holiday Package 



Easy to Moderate Walks with a small group 


3 Guided Walking Tours & Airport Transfer


Packed Lunch


Licensed & English speaking Guide



 £130 PP

 €140  PP

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