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A Cape to Cape Walk in North Cyprus


We are very pleased to announce that we will be embarking on doing the long 146 mile walking holiday in North Cyprus next year! Mile walk starting as far west and walking the whole length of the island over around 10 days..




The Cape to Cape is a 10 day walk covering 146 miles. The walk commences at Cape Korucam, the far western tip of the peninsular and takes us along the ridge of the entire Kyrenia mountain chain to Cape Zafer at the very tip of the Karpaz. Includes:


• Transport to and from each days walk


• 10 days walking


• A guide to lead the way!


• Picnic buffet lunch on each walking day 


• A vehicle located close by at all times. 


Accommodation will be in the stunning Kyrenia for the first 7 nights and in the Karpaz for the final 3 nights. We do offer the option for walkers to join us for individual days of the walk if they do not wish to complete the full 10 days. This includes transport, lunch and water.


For all enquiries and bookings please contact North Cyprus Walk on 0090 (0)533 8405849 or

North Cyprus Walks




Only pay

Daily or Weekly

£ 30   or  £80

€ 40  or  €110

$ 60  or  $160

Walking Holiday Package 



Easy to Moderate Walks with a small group 


3 Guided Walking Tours & Airport Transfer


Packed Lunch


Licensed & English speaking Guide



 £130 PP

 €140  PP

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